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Book Comments


Mr. Shul-

I just received my personalized copy of The Limited Edition of Sled Driver and the book and presentation case are spectacular. This is THE book to have for all Sled Heads and aviation enthusiasts. No detail in the preparation of this book has been overlooked. Once you open it you cannot put it down. Thank you again, Mr. Shul, for putting together this work of art, science and technology in a single masterpiece.

Richard Berlin ,Cincinnati, Ohio

To Mr. Brian Shul,

"I just read the transcript of your veterans day speech at March AFB in Nov. of 2001. I have to say that you really moved me. I actually got goose bumps while reading it and almost had a tear fall from my eye. You have an incredible writing style that I feel is unmatched by anyone. I own and have read both Sled Driver and The Untouchables. I was also lucky enough to get a valuable copy of the Limited Edition of Sled Driver. I have copy #428. It is very special to me as the number 42 represents the birthday of my daughter, Shelby. I have also read it and have it in a safe place as not to get touched by her five year old fingers. I just want you to know that of all the books and videos that I have seen and read, your words are the ones that echo in my mind when I think of the Blackbird. Your photography is unmatched in that your keen eye can see and capture the most beautiful shots. You will always have a fan in this household. Take care and keep up the beautiful work."

-Mike Rentfro - Bartlesville, Okla.

SLEDDRIVER - "What an incredible book!  The book itself is beautifully made, the photography is amazing and everlasting; Brian's writing can only be described as mesmerizing, you feel you're actually in the cockpit as he takes you through his journey in the Sled.  Feelings run deep in Sleddriver as I found myself laughing out loud at some of his stories; a few pages later he will touch your heart with another story and you will weep.  When I finished the book, I felt like I had just been taken on a very special journey by an elite group of men while historical events unfolded.  I am very proud and honored to have a copy of Sleddriver, but even more proud of the select group of men who sacrificed so much to train and fly missions in her.  Thanks, Brian, for sharing your personal story."

Denise McKevitt
San Jose

"I have received my book and appreciate the commitment to quality that seems to characterize everything you've done."

John Lee
Austin TX

".....Upon opening, I was immediately impressed with the presentation box with gold emblem. Nicely made and very well finished. As for the book, glossy thick paper, gold edging to the pages, quality binding (this book must have cost a fortune to produce!). I liked the way an actual photo was on the cover, a very nice touch. With kid gloves I started my way through the book. The photographs are splendid. I had not (knowingly) seen any of your photos before, but had heard people say they were great- they were right. What a magnificent tribute to such an amazing airplane. I went through from start to finish just checking out the photos first! I'm currently rationing myself to a few pages a day of reading as I don't want to finish it too soon. The quotes from the Wright brothers are great, and add a nice touch here in 2003. I agree with others when I say that the style you write in is wonderful. I sense you have a great feeling for the time you flew the '71, and it conveys well through your words. I can imagine being there myself and experiencing that view from such a great height. This is not a statistical, technical, numbers Blackbird book, and I'm so glad.
I like to think I now own a small piece of history. One mans views and recollections of a time flying a piece of technology, way ahead of its time. The added signatures of the other three men makes it that much more personal and real. A very nice touch.
My hat goes off to you Brian, this obviously was a real labour of love, and 3500 lucky people will thank you so very much. This book will never leave my collection - ever."

Charles Langston
New Zealand


" Dear Head Sled Driver,
The UPS guys delivered Sled Driver yesterday afternoon, and I spent the rest of the day and half the night consuming it, every detail, every word, every picture, every moment... I am overwhelmed at this production, and your marvelous communication of what is almost unimaginable to me. What an incredible work of art! I am a detail guy--so I note the gold-edged pages, the page numbers, the box, the patch design, the artwork, the layout, the eye behind the camera, and perhaps most important--the genius of your mind in this incredible work. You only forgot one thing -- the white gloves that book readers should be required to wear when handling this work of art!
Please by all means tell your people , up close and personal how intensely proud I am of the total job you have collectively done, and what it all stands for.
I have seriously thought about buying another copy for the coffee table,and putting this one in a glass-enclosed, softly lit shrine. If you get down this way, I'll gladly take you flying in my SR-172 wannabe airplane.
Glad to be a SledHead, a most honorable title."

Very respectfully,

Jim Epting
Tampa FL


 " I have looked through the book briefly. All I can say is,

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!

It is truly an amazing book. I cannot wait until I get to sit down and read it in it's entirety. We actually have one of the retired SR-71s here in Richmond, VA. This will give it a whole new meaning for me. Congratulations, it is a marvelous work. It was worth the money and the wait. I will continue to watch your website for more books. I am going to go and buy your book, The Untouchables as soon as I can get some free time (after I finish Sled Driver). Again, please thank your staff for the time and effort they have put forth. Also, thank their families who lost some precious holiday time with their loved ones. From my standpoint, it was well worth the wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Craig Anderson
Richmond, VA

"We received Sled Driver. Magnificent book! Incredible! Worth the wait."

Al Ammons
Houston, TX

".....Received your masterpiece today and to say the least it is a work of art. You have done a superb job of creating and delivering a lasting tribute to the Blackbird. I went cover to cover with great anticipation as to what the next page may hold. The photos are all first class; the design and layout are second to none. Certainly, "The Sled Driver, Limited Edition" stands in a class of one above all other books on the incredible SR-71 and is one to be treasured for life. You've set a standard here that I doubt will ever be duplicated. You should be very proud of your work.... It is truly a masterpiece and when the word gets out what the Limited Edition looks like, you will be shipping the last ones available. Thanks for getting me such a low number."

Leland Haynes
Stayton, OR

"Dear Mr. Shul: Having received my book this past Monday, I must admit that it was certainly worth the wait. Although the majority of my aviation experiences were acquired in Cessna 150's & 172's, I've always looked upon the SR-71 as the "Holy Grail". I guess we are a little different from those who have never "slipped the surly bonds", whether traveling at Mach 3 or 70 KIAS, the relationship between man and machine is stored in the soul, and acquired in the air. This was obvious as I left my office and told my staff that I would not be back for the rest of the day. As the door closed I overheared someone inquire, What was that he got? Oh some book was the reply. Ha! Your accounting of the relationship you had with this incredible ship is magnificent. Great work."

Thank You,

Kevin Mullally
Cuba, MO


"Dear Brian,
The BOOK has arrived! The greatest aviation book ever!! Congratulations! Greetings from Germany in cold and snow!"

Ola Laveson


"I came home from the airport today and there was my copy #147. The advertisements for the Ltd Edition are well done, but they don't do the finished copy the justice it deserves. What a spectacular piece of art. That's the only way I can describe it. It is very rare that the actual book is actually signed, usually there are signed inserts. The patch is just such a great personal touch. The quality of production and, of course, the photography is of such high quality that, frankly, I think this is going to be another collectors item, and soon. What a great piece of work. Thank you for doing this for us all. I consider myself in your debt. "

Jan Burden
Westhampton Beach, NY

"Thank you for bringing out the Limited Edition Sled Driver Book. I have been proudly showing mine to everybody. It is a fantastic book that pays tribute to a fantastic plane! I was very honored to meet you in September of 1999 at the Cleveland National Air Show. I have your other books and hope I can get this one signed also so my collection of all your books will be complete. Once again I can't thank you enough for Sled Driver and the other books and for all that you have done for this country. "

Brian Kedrick (A devoted Sled Hed)
Dayton, OH

"What a mean, studly, smooth, testosterone oozing aircraft that Sled is.
I LOVE my book!!"

Connie Alexander
Long Beach, CA


 ".....a great book. The use of descriptive words and phrases with just the right timing makes this book a thrilling experience to read and study. It is a true collectors item. The photography is the greatest. The slides that these pictures were made from are invaluable. The pictures alone are worth more than the price of the book. These slides should be archived for future historians to view and tell about the most sophisticated, high speed, high flying airplane of the century.
As a pilot and photographer, and the aircraft commander of the KC-135-Q that gave the first full load of fuel to the SR-71 before it arrived at Beale AFB, I fully appreciate the great work and dedication you gave to the flying and operation of this weapons system. The effort and hard work you put into the photography and publication of this great book will long be appreciated by those fortunate enough to view its contents. I treasure this book and your sincere friendship."

Wilbur L. Tracy
Lt. Col. USAF (Ret)
Yuba City, CA

"Dear Mr Shul,

Book Number 151 is in my home.  It is a magnificent book.  I am proud to have this book with the signatures of my heros flying the SR-71. Two men are legends of avation for me.  That is Kelly Johnson and Robert J.Gilliand.  The SR-71 is for me, the most beautiful designed airplane ever built.  You Mr.Shul can be proud to have flown this beauty.   I have met Mr. Gilliland, and found him to be a very gracious man.   When you see him Mr.Shul, many greetings from me to him from a Dutch fan.

From gallery One, I have 2 books more, The Untouchables and Sled Driver.  Beautiful books.
Mr.Shul, for me Gallery One is number one of aviation books.  Thank you very much."

Jan v.d.Bosch
The Netherlands.

"Dear Mr. Shul,
Received your new book and it was beyond what I expected; well worth the wait.  The look and feel of the book immediately revealed a great deal of uncompromised quality in its design and construction.  Your aerial photography is quite outstanding.   I read your original Sled Driver, and found the new Limited Edition to be an even more enjoyable read.  This is a marvelous tribute to the SR-71!  I enjoy your style of writing and I have never experienced a book quite so impressive as this one."

Julio J. Apilado, Jr.
Sacramento, CA


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