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"...My father used to work on this plane many years ago. I have been looking for this book for years. Thank you, thank you, thank you for re-issuing Sled Driver in this very classy edition. This is one Christmas gift he will cherish."

Dee Miller
Portland Oregon

"Absolutely fantastic advertisement in Air Forces Monthly.  A fitting tribute to the finest aircraft that you Yanks ever built!"

Jonathon Morrisey
Cambridge England


"Canít wait to see the new book.  As a former maintenance specialist in the 9th SRW, I used to work on this plane, and can assure you we had every bit as much pride from our end  as the pilots did. What a tremendous aircraft it was."

Julio Apilado
Sacramento, CA


"Well, I'm sure you've heard it all before....  from so many others... but I just wanted to tell you what an excellent book I found  the original Sled Driver to be!  I'm a proud owner of both Sled Driver and The Untouchables.  Every time I open the books and see the beautifull photos of the SR the goosebumps come up again!  I have made several trips to the Air Force Museum in Ohio, and each time I find myself standing reverently in front of the SR that is on display there.  As my friends and I talk about the jet and walk around it, I find myself whispering of all things.  It just commands respect.  So also do the people who flew and supported the aircraft for so many years.  I've always felt that the people in the military don't get thanked enough for the jobs they do...  So I'd like to thank you.  For the books.  And for the BOOMS.  Because of you, I, my family, and my children get to live in a free country.  Well done!!"

Jim Sprandel
Kendallville, IN.

 I recently placed an order for the new Limited Edition Sled Driver.  I not only have the original version of the book, purchased from Mach 1 many years ago, but I also purchased the signed and numbered prints of "Where Others Dare Not Fly" and "The Cockpit Was My Office" - both numbered 350, which I framed and hang proudly in my home.  Is there any possibility  that I might also receive book number 350 of the limited edition to complete the matched set?  I'm a great fan of Mr. Shul's books, owning copies of "The Untouchables", "Summer Thunder" and "Blue Angels".  I also believe that it was Major Shul who flew the SR into Dayton, Ohio for the Airshow in the late 80's which I was privileged to witness.  I'll be happy with any number of the new Limited Edition, but it would be an added thrill to receive number 350, to match my prints.

Michael P. Bernier
Miamisburg, Ohio

(Authorís Note -Consider it done, Book #350 is yours, and yes that was Walter and I flying the jet at the Dayton Air Fair in 1985).

"...I just finished reading The Untouchables that I bought from you at the Salinas Air Show.  I wanted to thank you for the book and autograph and tell you how much I enjoyed it. I found it to be quite a page turner and I was so moved by the experience of all the support people - the dedication of all the participants in such an immense undertaking. That kind of attitude is so hard to find today, and I feel its absence so keenly, that their stories were quite uplifting.  I will have to visit Castle Air Museum again to see 960 now that I know her story.  Thank you for a very enjoyable and enlightening book."

 Margeau Corra
 Santa Cruz, CA



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