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Brian Shul has captivated audiences nationwide with his motivating story of perseverance and triumph over tragedy.  His ability to present a serious message with candor and wit has made him a favorite at a variety of functions.  Coupled with his unique aviation slides, his talks are truly one of a kind. The diversity of Mr. Shul's amazing experiences has put him in high demand for his three main types of talks.




A highly motivating, humorous, and fascinating talk tailored for any audience at any occasion.  The most often delivered of Mr. Shul's three talks, and the most popular for general audiences, there is none other like it in America today.  Covers some of Mr. Shul's experiences from lying near death on a jungle floor in Viet Nam, to flying the world's fastest jet, the SR-71.  He also talks about his present day photography and the books he has authored.  Coupled with Mr. Shul's breathtaking slides taken in flight, and his philosophical views on life, this is an unforgettable presentation for all in attendance.  Most recently, Brian has given a series of "Patriotic Talks" following the Sept 11th, 2001 attack on this nation.  From the FBI Academy, to church groups, to business corporations, Mr. Shul has stood by his claim that, "If this is not the best presentation your group has had, I will refund my fee."



Mr. Shul recounts his experience of being shot down in Viet Nam and his subsequent rescue.  Emphasized are lessons learned concerning equipment, training, and preparation.  He talks about the mindset of flying safe and challenges the audience with his penetrating rhetorical questions.  Covers some stories from his one-year of hospitalization.  Filled with humor and riveting anecdotes, this talk makes safety meetings fun, yet delivers a most important message.  A safety presentation people remember for a long time.  A filmed version of this talk was mandatory viewing by every U.S. Air Force fighter pilot for nearly 15 years.  Recently delivered to NASA Space Center astronauts and technicians.




Brian Shul spent one year in military hospitals recovering from his burn injuries.  He endured 15 major operations, countless hours of physical therapy, and miraculously returned to flying fighter jets with the Air Force just two days after his release.  His story of what it is like to be a burn patient is one that every nurse and doctor should hear.  His patient's perspective is one that is seldom heard, yet needs to be, at a time when patient care and sensitivity are such a priority.  The presentation is normally given to medical groups, such as nursing schools, surgical conventions, or group hospital staff meetings.  This is a one-of-a-kind presentation that goes to the heart of patient care.  You will laugh, and you will cry, and you will never look at a critical care patient the same again. This talk can also be tailored to fit a classroom or a seminar format up to three hours in length.


SAMPLE - VETERAN'S DAY ADDRESS - Presented at March AFB - Nov 11th, 2001



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